Lanyard Patterns

Making stuff yourself is a lot of fun.You might remember when you was young how fun it was to make arts and crafts at school or at home with your family. Many people never actually stop making arts and crafts even after they grow up. Once you got into something really you love, letting it go is something you would never think of. One of the particular crafts that might interest you are lanyard patterns. Lanyard patterns or lanyard designs are very popular in terms of making different accessories from bracelets to necklaces and everything in between. Hence, there are a lot of popular uses for lanyards.

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Lanyards are something that people of any age can do and have a lot of fun at the same time. Lanyard patterns can be found all over the internet and some of them are really pretty. There are basic lanyard patterns and more advanced lanyard patterns for people with more patience and skill in making lanyards.

Some of these lanyard patterns require quite a while to make the lanyard. The old saying “Good things come to those who wait” can apply here. Luckily it is not all that hard to make a good lanyard but it does take some time.

How to Make a Simple Lanyard

There are many kinds of lanyards you can make like: plastic lanyard patterns, beaded lanyard patterns, gimp lanyard patterns and so on. Here are some helpful tips and guidelines on how you can make a simple lanyard with loops and beads.

Step 1: Push a loop through the end of your hook (you need one of these)

Step 2: Pass another loop through the two ends of the first loop then fold it

in half to make the ends even.

Step 3: Now slide a bead onto the second nylon loop

Step 4: Just keep on adding beads and loops like this over and over until you get somewhere around 27-30 inches in length.

Step 5: Add another loop but this time pass one end of one loop through the other end of

the other loops and pull it up tight.

Step 6: Now just take the last loop you made and pull it through the 3rd loop from the hook end and pull it up nice and tight. You now should have a big loop which you can wear around your neck. This completes your basic lanyard.

Making Your Own Lanyard Patterns

Now that you have made your first output using basic lanyard patterns, you can practice and master it before you move on to the next level. Making lanyards is pretty easy if you just make basic loops with a few beads in them. Since you do not have to stick with just making simple lanyards you shouldn’t. There are many cool designs out there that you can find online that require more work but better lanyard patterns will surely stand out more.

After you make a few lanyard patterns yourself, you should have a good idea in making one that works for you. You can then start to make your own designs from scratch. It is one thing to follow someone else’s ideas but it can be a whole lot more fun coming up with nice looking lanyards on your own. The goal is to have fun so get started making a lanyard today!