How To Make Lanyards

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A lot of individuals are interested on knowing how to make lanyards themselves although these items are widely available in the market. It can either be considered as a hobby or pastime, to hone the artistic and creative skills of both children and adults or, as an augmentation to income or earnings by offering personalized lanyard services.

There are several lanyard patterns that an individual can choose from. Most of the time, choices are only limited by the person’s creative skills or imagination. It you want to know how to make lanyards, there are distinct methods on creating lanyards that are dependent on the choice of design, materials available, purpose or intended use for the lanyard, etc. The most popular types of customized lanyards are the braided and beaded lanyards.

How to make lanyards that are beaded

Creating beaded lanyards is considered much more fun compared to the other types especially for kids. Beads come in distinct colors, sizes, and shapes, and much less efforts and intricacies in crafting items from beads are required. When teaching how to make lanyards for kids, the beaded types can be the starting crafts. The following are the simple essential steps on making beaded lanyards.

1) Cut the supporting lace or string twice the desired length of the lanyard. It is cut relatively longer since the lanyard clip will be inserted in between and the lace or string will be folded into two.

2) The next step on how to make lanyards will be as simple as sliding the beads into the strings according to your preference.

3) Tie a knot at the end of each string leaving a string allowance of at least an inch or two to serve as lanyard tails.

How to make lanyards that are braided

The braided types are considered the most appealing ones but the process of creating them is a little more complicated than all other lanyard types, hence, knowledge on how to make cool lanyards that are braided is essential.

1) Thicker types of colored cords are essentially cut twice the desired length of the lanyard. Normally three pieces or strands of cords are used, and these cords should be tied to the clasp or clip on one end. How to make lanyards designs for the braided types will always be dependent on individual preference.

2) The next step will be the actual process of braiding. Those who are new to the process, it can be done by crossing the side cords over the center cord in an alternate motion. While performing the braiding process, the other end of the cords should be steady and firm.

3) After braiding to the desired length, the cords should be tied or knotted together. This is the final step on how to make lanyards that are braided. Leaving few inches of unbraided cords or strands as allowance would ensure the best look.